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Barbecue the whole year round

Grill Dome has the same convenience as say a hot-air oven. It gets up to temperature just as quickly, making this barbecue much more accessible than a metal charcoal barbecue.
Just imagine: a large rolled meat, a whole chicken or a large turkey for Christmas and all with that special barbecue flavour. 
Using your barbecue in the summer only has been relegated to the past, as you will want to use the Grill Dome the whole year round!


Read how Dick Middelweerd, chef of restaurant Treeswijkhoeve, experiences Grill Dome.


Leg of young venison, Grilled pheasant. All with full ingredients list and recipes.


Watch a video of how Wild Beef, Canadian Bacon and Roasted Veal are being prepared in the Grill Dome.