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10 reasons to buy Grill Dome

  1. Terapex ceramic
    The quality and the thickness of the ceramic determine the quality of the barbecue. Terapex was especially designed by Grill Dome to stand up to extreme temperatures. It is almost twice as thick, harder and more porous than the ceramic used to date. This keeps the food extra tender and juicy.
  2. Since 1989
  3. More than 20 years of experience, so very reliable.
  4. Stainless steel
    All metal parts of the Grill Dome are made of stainless steel, thereby making it very hard-wearing.
  5. No glazing but a baked coating in various colours
    Grill Dome does not use a glazing, which has a tendency to crack in our climate. Moreover, Grill Dome is available in 3 beautiful colours.
  6. Precix technology
    Thanks to this technology, which was developed by Grill Dome, the underside lines up exactly with the lid so that no water or heat is lost.
  7. Supplied pre-assembled
    You do not have to assemble the Grill Dome, as it is delivered ready to use.
  8. Environmentally friendly
    Uses ordinary charcoal and is extremely efficient to use, so only very little charcoal is needed.
  9. American design 
    Grill Dome was designed in the United States of America. Our designers have improved the original kamado in many ways, such that the Grill Dome is now much better than the original kamados.
  10. Kamado is our core business
    In contrast to many other suppliers, kamado is our core activity.
    All our energy and knowledge are spent on Grill Dome, meaning we can guarantee the very best technology and the highest quality.
  11. Fast delivery by appointment
    Grill Dome is delivered from stock within 24 hours or on the day desired by you.


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