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Kamado; the power of ceramics

Cooking in ceramic (earthenware) is called kamado. Ceramic has been used to cook in for thousands of years. Pots, dishes and ovens were always made of earthenware. Ceramic is more heat-resistant than metal. In addition, ceramic traps the moisture in the barbecue keeping the food deliciously juicy.

Although nowadays ceramic is also used in the aviation and space industry, the car industry and the medical world, not all ceramic is suitable for use in a barbecue. Besides hardness and heat-resistance, porosity is also very important. With more than twenty years of experience in the development and manufacture of ceramic barbecues, Grill Dome has developed the latest generation of ceramic especially for use in barbecues: Terapex.

Grill Dome Airflow Design creates a chimney effect, which means that the barbecue is ready for use in just ten minutes. Try that with an ordinary charcoal barbecue!
In addition, you can light a Grill Dome using ordinary firelighters; you do not have to use any dangerous lighter fluids. Grill Dome gets up to temperature just as quickly as a hot-air oven, and that is why you can use Grill Dome the whole year round, even in the autumn and winter. Read more>


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