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Grill Dome Barbecues

The Grill Dome is a ceramic charcoal barbecue, also called kamado. The Grill Dome is new in Europe, but the American brand has been manufacturing kamados since 1989. Read on>

4 seasons

Ceramic barbecues offer many advantages with respect to metal gas and charcoal barbecues. They can be easily lit and are ready for use within just 10 minutes. Consequently, the Grill Dome is ideal for all-year-round use.
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Cook like a Chief

The Grill Dome gives that unique barbecue flavour that can only be achieved with charcoal. It is therefore not surprising that top chefs use this barbecuing technique in their kitchens every day. Would you like to experience the Grill Dome taste yourself?
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Read how Dick Middelweerd, chef of restaurant Treeswijkhoeve, experiences Grill Dome.


Leg of young venison, Grilled pheasant. All with full ingredients list and recipes.


Watch a video of how Wild Beef, Canadian Bacon and Roasted Veal are being prepared in the Grill Dome.